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My entrepreneurial journey has been published.

Read my contributing chapter in ‘The Upside of Being Myself & other Stories’ now. 

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You’re a large organisation that’s needing help in your marketing department, but you’re not 100% sure what kind of candidate you want or need yet. You need a vCMO, and you’ve come to the right place to find one. 

A virtual CMO is a highly experienced marketing and business person who applies their skills to your business on a part-time basis: giving you access to high level strategic skills with little to no risk. Do you have marketers in-house, but no department head? Let me manage your team, lead strategy sessions, oversee and develop your marketing budget, and do everything else that a department head would be responsible for. As a Virtual CMO, I work part-time in partnership with you and your marketing staff to provide the strategic marketing insights, direction and support you need.Without the risk.


The risk of hiring the incorrect full-time Candidates

1.It’s expensive: hours of resume reviews, interviews, contract negotiations.

2. It’s risky: hiring the wrong person is difficult to correct.

3.Candidates are scarce.

4. Candidates lack experience: the people you do find lack the senior experience you need.

5.Candidates leave quickly: after a year or two you’re back where you started.


A virtual CMO gain more autonomy over their work. They can provide specific services to specific brands, based on what those brands need. While the scope can change and evolve over time, a CMO who enters into this kind of arrangement will know exactly what duties they’re expected to fulfill because it’s written out in a contract. 

On the organisation’s side, CEOs who have struggled to find a full-time CMO they trust can contract a virtual CMO to carry out specific duties and oversee specific marketing needs—without the stress of finding and paying a full-time executive. Then, when you’re large enough to hire a full-time CMO, your Virtual CMO will help you find the right person.


I am is a serial entrepreneur having set up and led numerous successful businesses over the past decade, but I am probably most famous for founding the award-winning  & cutting-edge business performance agency, Salt&Candy in the twenty-tens. Leveraging my global experience of working with blue-chip clients such as SABMiller, Coca-Cola, HBO, Sky and British Airways, Salt&Candy has become known around the world for digitally savvy, agile, edgy strategies that focus relentlessly on business outcomes and a pathological desire for unlocking the business potential from the inside out.

My hard-won experience within the corporate and start-up world is underpinned by my focus on self-development. I am an internationally certified Neuro Linguistic Practitioner & life and business coach, a published author and a certified Director with accreditation from the South African Institute of Directors (IoDSA). My focus on diversity and leading by example is demonstrated through my many mentoring activities and being a driving force behind the 30% Club in Southern Africa. 

Is this for you? 

Real advice and real results for real business owners
Whether you want to increase your revenue, decrease doubt or grow your business, working with a business coach can help you move forward further and faster. I am known for my no-nonsense and straightforward approach to all aspects of my life. I value honest, fair and transparent communication and expect the same in return from the people I work with. 

I am a firm believer that your personal values and beliefs have a strong impact on the success of your work-life. My focus is therefore holistic, and my aim is to create an environment that pushes you to find your true north and unique inner genius that I believe everyone has. 

This process involves inner work that you will need to be ready for as it requires radical vulnerability that many shy away from, but once tackled head-on, can be the breakthrough you always needed to catapult you to the next level of your life and business. 

What do you get?

Let’s set the record straight. I am a holistic and business-focused advisor that’s walked the walk. I have a tangible record that you can rely on. This is ‘coaching’ with a difference. I’ll meet you where you are and prioritise my program or approach to YOU, YOUR business and YOUR desired results.

We’ll walk through what success looks like for you, we’ll face down whatever challenges or blockers are in your way first. Then I’ll support you to ultimately align strategy, systems, and action to get you closer to where you want to be.